Feather Art Wales, United Kingdom.


About us

During his childhood Ian Davie had an avid, hands on fascination in local flora and fauna and continuing this throughout his adult life, has been lucky enough to work in daily contact with wildlife in some of Britain's most beautiful natural scenic environments; on a farm, as a gamekeeper and for the Environment Agency. Ian Davie now works from home, a converted farmhouse at the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, with inspirational views and an array of neighbouring wildlife. His extensive knowledge of wildlife and their habitats, gained over many years, is now skilfully employed when creating a painting.

Having a desire to find a natural and sustainable canvas on which to paint, led Ian Davie to utilise a swan's feather he had picked up some years earlier. He could not have found a more unique and beautiful 'canvas' on which to paint wildlife compositions. After the amazing response to this initial painting, a more consistent supply of feathers was required. All the feathers now come from a bird reserve where the wardens collect them off the ground during the swan's annual moult and Ian Davie makes a generous donation towards the welfare of the swans in exchange. Feathers make a surprisingly stable canvas on which to paint, having been preserved in their natural form since the times of the Egyptian pharaoh's (c.1323BC). Swans are a noble and regal bird, have links to the Queen, a prominent place in mythology and some of the largest feathers to be found on any British bird.

When merging one of Ian Davies meticulous paintings with a feather, natures own 3-Dimensional work of art, the unique result is exquisite and unparalleled leading to successful solo exhibitions and considerable demand for his work.

Examples of our work

Pike commission.jpg
Pike and Perch, predator and prey
Gossamer Wings